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  • Here you will find a detailed literature overview of research studies on the Alexander Technique.

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    Cécile Baumann-Arnold empowers people to move from pain to power.

    Do you have chronic back, knee or joint pain ?

    Or do you suffer from tension, stress and fears that manifest themselves physically and limit you ?

    I understand that many people struggle with these challenges, especially when they put a lot of strain on their bodies in everyday life or at work .

    But I have good news for you: there is a solution.

    Let's get to know each other...

    I am a certified AlexanderTechnique coach and federally certified. Recognized complementary therapist. I have helped hundreds of people, including myself, get out of chronic pain and feel more vital, flexible and energetic again.

    By using the internationally recognized Alexander Technique, we can effectively and naturally improve our posture and movements to free ourselves from pain and restrictions.

    My clients are diverse and come from different walks of life, such as busy professionals, therapists, athletes, dancers and performers.

    I help them let go of their hindering habits and continually improve their movements and posture to live a more pain-free and fulfilling life.

    Über mich


    I am a reliable, honest and benevolent person who has become a professional coach. Here's how I can help:

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    Audio Files

    I created these audio files for my clients so that they can deepen the means of the Alexander Technique and better integrate them into everyday life. 

    Kostenlose Hörprobe!
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    Drawings that I like to give to my clients as a memory aid.

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    With❤️my clients

    "Cécile's calm and warm manner allows you to slow down as soon as you greet us. After the treatment, the blockages in my lower back were wiped away and I felt a freedom that I hadn't felt in weeks. Wonderfully free, airy and elastic... Thank you, also for yours helpful tips for everyday life. I will definitely be back and will thoroughly recommend you.”


    "I booked a posture and movement analysis with Cécile because I had been having pain in my hip area for months. After a single session, my pain disappeared within three weeks.

    What I like about Cécile is her ability to listen to people and see them as a whole, body-mind-spirit.

    Thank you very much Cecile!"


    As a senior doctor, I have known Cécile for a long time now. I value her expertise, professionalism and practical skills both in interdisciplinary collaboration and as a therapist and privately. It is the absolute leader of the Alexander Technique in Switzerland and beyond. Here’s to many more years of exchange! Very best regards"

    Dr. Joachim Ahlers

    "Thank you for the wonderful treatments. You immediately feel at home in this practice. Cécile understands very quickly what is going on in an emergency situation. I was able to completely relax with her surprisingly quickly. I felt like I was in good hands. She worked on points for me, Stiffened points, you could say, and the most wonderful astral colors flutter for me during the treatment. WOW. I walked out of the practice completely relaxed, hopeful and joyful. So at 71, do I still have a future to look forward to? Because now I think I'm already thinking about what else I actually want to do."



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